New Members


Statement from the European Commission –

As discussed in the October Board of Member States, before inviting healthcare providers to join existing ERNs, the Commission intends to propose amending the 2014 Commission Implementing Decision setting criteria for ERNs (Decision 2014/287/EU), so as to slightly modify the procedure concerning the application for membership of an existing ERN.

The amended procedure will require that each membership application shall be accompanied by a favourable pre-assessment from the Network that the healthcare provider wishes to join. This pre-assessment would reflect the recognition of the high-quality of the application by the other Network members, which is essential for a good cooperation among the members and the effective functioning of the ERN. The amendment will align the procedure for the application for membership of an existing ERN with the procedure for application for membership in a new Network, which was already implemented in 2016, when the existing 24 ERNs were established.

The amendment of Decision 2014/287/EU is expected to be finalised in autumn 2018 following a vote by the Member States in the Cross-Border Health Care Committee and the adoption of the act by the College. The invitation for healthcare providers to join existing ERNs will therefore be launched afterwards, in the last trimester of 2019.